The 6th Annual Burpee Challenge!!!

Our 6th Annual Burpee Challenge Starts on Sunday September 15th for 100 days 
and ends on Dec 23rd!  
It's easy to start-  
Do one burpee on the first day and add a burpee each day till the last day when we do 100!!!
*If you are at the gym, you do your burpees there - on days you are not at the gym- do your burpees wherever!!! (School, Church, Costco, etc) BE CREATIVE!
*If you miss a day, you make up those burpees the following day and add 20 penalty burpees.
* If you miss 3 days- you're out!
*You get to take the day off of your age! (The older you are the better!)
*Burpees in the workouts DO NOT count until Thanksgiving- then---watch out!
OPTIONAL:  You can purchase a 'FINISHER' T shirt for $20 (Due November 30th)
***IF you've FINISHED the challenge in the past, this year you get to add.......SQUATS! 



 Several months ago, after receiving some bad, disappointing news, I began thinking about writing this article.
The bad news?  A friend died. She trained with us a few years ago. She had tremendous results, but she quit training because she said she was entering her, 'busy season' with work. She said she would be back, but she never returned.
She was a type 2 diabetic and she died due to complications from her diabetes.  My brother died at the young age of 42 due to complications from diabetes.  Today, around the world, people will die an early death due to complications from diabetes.  The primary reason-overweight and obesity.
This was a headline in a British newspaper in 2011:

Diabetes death toll could be slashed in half

The key advice was for patients to learn how to look after themselves better and to ensure they received basic health checks. A wide-ranging report revealed that 24,000 diabetes sufferers are currently dying unnecessarily in the UK each year.

And another headline:

Diabetes takes 'frightening' toll on the under-40s

and this from the American Diabetes Association:

Data from the 2011 National Diabetes Fact Sheet (released Jan. 26, 2011)

Total prevalence of diabetes

Total: 25.8 million children and adults in the United States—8.3% of the population—have diabetes.
Diagnosed: 18.8 million people
Undiagnosed: 7.0 million people
Prediabetes: 79 million people*
New Cases: 1.9 million new cases of diabetes are diagnosed in people aged 20 years and older in 2010.

Under the first headline I posted, reads the statement, "24,000 diabetes sufferers are currently dying unnecessarily in the UK each year." They are dying in the US unnecessarily. Our friend died unnecessarily. My brother died unnecessarily. Hundreds will die today, unnecessarily. Why?
We are not paying attention. We are not listening to the warnings. We are not learning. The first line under the first headline reads, "The key advice was for patients to learn how to look after themselves better...".   You think?
The first article continues:

“These ­figures are incredibly alarming as there is no reason why people with diabetes cannot live long and healthy lives if they receive the right care and support to help them manage their condition. The Diabetes Association echoed the need for sufferers to follow a healthy diet – rich in fruit and vegetables, but low in sugar, salt and fat – and to keep fit through exercise."

Are we doing that? No! WE ARE NOT PAYING ATTENTION!
In the year 2000, the American Diabetes Association said, "If we don't change our lifestyles and eating habits, of our children born in 2000, over 30% of them WILL BECOME TYPE 2 DIABETICS."
Today, those children born in 2000 are 13 years old. What has changed?  The situation has gotten worse.
Go here and view an animated map at the bottom of the page. It displays, year to year, from 1985-2010, the percentage of obesity in America by each state.
Here in our own state of WA, in 1987 less than 10% of the population was obese. In 1993, 15-19%. In 2002, 20-24%. In 2007, 25-29% obese.  The statistics for the map end with 2010. Chances are we are over 30% in 2013 and climbing. We are not paying attention!
Most of the diabetics are obese. That was my brothers problem. That was our friends problem. They never changed their lifestyle and eating habits. They got fatter and fatter and died.
They figured, they still had time. She would come back, "After the busy season."
She ran out of time. My brother ran out of time. This country is running out of time. 
PAY ATTENTION!  The warnings are clear. You must change. We will TEACH you how. You only need to pay attention.


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I am really out of shape! I don't know if CrossFit is for me!

Recently, an older gentleman (late 60's) entered our gym. It was obvious he was overweight, and out of shape.  I was on the floor and Rhonda greeted the gentleman and asked him to fill out our paperwork to include our medical questionnaire.  When he finished, I walked over and introduced myself.  One of his answers disclosed he had a heart condition. He said, "Oh yes, I've had a heart attack." I said, "Sir, I am going to require an approval for exercise from your doctor prior to training you."  He answered, "Oh yeah, I have that out in my car."

He went to his car and returned with a sheet which read:

This is your complete problem list:
BPH with Obstruction
Coronary Heart Disease
Dysmetabolic Syndrome X
Essential Hypertension, Benign
Diabetes-Type II

Based on your visit today, your provider recommended the following:

You will be scheduled for, CMK, CPK, Direct LDL, hsCRP, Lipid panel.
Exercise 45-60 minutes (aerobic) daily.
Do resistance training three days per week.
Consider signing up with a CrossFit Gym.   

This gentleman trained with us 3 times a week for the past 2 months. He is now on his way to Arizona for the winter and we located a CrossFit gym close to his AZ residence.  He is on a path to improvement and a better quality of life as he ages.

What is your age?  What is your condition?  As time evolves, more and more people, including doctors, are learning about CrossFit and the benefits thereof. If you are reading this, you are learning about it.  It's never too late, and yes, regardless of your age or physical condition, CrossFit is for you!!